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Sam Meranto is a pioneer in Guided Meditation & Hypnotherapy. He’s been helping people from all walks of life, including celebrities and politicians, overcome their personal challenges since 1953.  He’s been at the same location in Phoenix, Arizona for over 40 years!

Sam created Meranto Meditations Method a unique way to help identify the root cause of your challenge(s). This process works to uncover what various factors are contributors or maybe the primary cause of your personal challenge.

You can get help right there at home. Sam Meranto for 50 years has developed sessions for depression, alcoholism, drug addiction, stopping smoking, controlling severe pain, motivation to lead a better life and bring you closer to God.

This program includes losing weight and keeping it off he’s taking his most popular sessions that are 45 minutes long you can download on your phone or computer when you go to a library you can read any book there Sam’s come up with a program where you get a library of successful sessions that not only you can listen too, but the entire family. The first aid kit to your mind.

Sam founded a nonprofit organization called All Faith Self Help Center.

You help yourself never listen to these sessions while driving or operating equipment. Listen to them when you can close your eyes and relax. The Bible states physician heal thyself. Check with a medical doctor while coming off of medication. People that are depressed have a chemical in-balance when you’re happy you make your own chemicals for good mental health.

The Bible states call those things that are not as though they were visualizing a healthy body and mind these sessions will be so valuable to you.

Sam has been paid $10,000 for three hours of his time now you can get this complete library for a $595 contribution which is tax-deductible to the full extent of the law. We have a limited-time offer of $395 save $200 act now and improve your life there’s no accident you reading this offer maybe God wants you to get some help, you have suffered much too long.

True story a man was on cocaine, his wife divorced him. He had three kids, lost his house, repossessed his car, and moved in with his mother. He saw a blue box on the shelf he picked up a cassette tape that said stop drugs. He started listening to the session, he stopped the drugs, his wife came back he got a good job as a manager at Paddock pools in Phoenix. Sam came in to buy something for his pool and the man told Sam the story. If his mother didn’t buy the program, he never would’ve got the help.

The Bible states you have ears to listen. Put in practice the good things you hear. You will have life in abundance. If you don’t listen, you may lose the very little you have. You have very little to lose and everything wonderful to Receive. God bless your decision.

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Sam Meranto’s Guided Meditation & Hypnotherapy Program is One of Kind in the World!
It is customized and tailored specifically to help you overcome your personal challenges.

Through the completion of a proprietary and comprehensive Lifestyle Analysis (it’s like having an MRI of your mind) helps us pinpoint the cause(s) of your challenges. The information you provide is 100% private. Based on our analysis of the information you gave, a comprehensive series of Guided Meditation & Hypnotherapy sessions are created specifically for you to address the challenges that were identified.

Sam Meranto’s Guided Meditation & Hypnotherapy sessions have been used at Yale University & Tucson Medical Center.

Since 1953, The Number of People Sam Meranto Has Helped!
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