Sam Meranto was born with respiratory problems in Niagara Falls, New York Memorial Hospital, one-half mile from the Canadian border on November 3, 1931. He lived in a poor neighborhood in a twelve apartment house.

Sam’s father was an Italian Catholic born in Hudson, New York. He died at the young age of 30 from a heart attack. His mother was Scottish, Irish, German descent and a Protestant born in Canada. She died at age 83.

In June of 1953, while working as a door-to-door Electrolux Salesman he had a life-altering experience. The place where he had been standing minutes before erupted into a horrific tornado. This Catastrophe killed 90 people and injured 10,000 others. From that moment on Sam knew that God had spared his life. He believes that God spared him so that he may help others.

Sam became an ordained minister by the Community Church of Truth in 1977.

He holds three United States Patents for his inventions. and he has published a book titled, Be What You Want to Be.

Sam is happily married to Cynthia Meranto since 1983. He is a father of five boys and a daughter. In 1995 he lost a son, Steven Meranto in a car accident. It was tough for Sam to overcome his son’s death, but he now understands and can better help those who have lost a loved one.

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