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Be Your Own Life Coach & Teach Others.

Pick out the sessions you feel you need. You can either Download or we’ll mail our your Guided Meditations on CDs.

A million times stronger than Hypnosis!

They have been used by Yale Hospital and Tucson Medical Center, Physicians, M.D.’s, Nurses, and Clergy.

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You're on your way to unlocking the natural powers you have within!

The average person uses about 10% of their mind according to university studies. Everyone has natural talents and abilities that they are using to their fullest extent. This program has proven to help thousands of people.

Now, it's your turn to get some help. There are many paths in life, and this program will help you get on the right path. Answer the questions truthfully. If you find any questions to be too offensive or personal just overlook them. The more detailed information you provide, the easier it will be for us to help you. Your evaluation is confidential, and this is your chance to get things off your mind that has been bothering you which could cause you to have all the problems listed above and many more not listed.

Please allow up to two weeks for us to analyze and pinpoint the areas that you need help in. We will select from over 1,800 pre-recorded sessions after we have reviewed your evaluation. We will then put together your custom program, we will mail to you or send via email a downloadable custom program. Also, in some cases, it may be necessary to call you on the phone to get the additional information to better customize your sessions on CDs.

Sam puts his heart into the pre-recorded sessions and wants them to work for you long after he retires, besides working with Sam personally is rarely ever needed. In case personal attention is needed, he is training his help and doctors to carry on the tradition, and they will also continue to use his proven pre-recorded sessions.

This program may be just what you've been praying for. 

Improve Your Life With Meranto Meditations Life Changing benefits.​ All Faith Self Help Center, Inc. a nonprofit Organization.

Helping People Since 1952. Go to Sam Meranto on YouTube, Facebook, and Twitter. See miracles that happened to real people & can happen to you.

We offer this special program for contributions that help us with overall expenses. We offer FREE sessions to veterans with PTSD and session for kids to stop the violence.

Order This Program Today!

Total Contribution $995.00. FREE shipping and handling. You can put $195 down and pay $50 or $100 a month or more until the balance is paid off. No interest or carrying charges. 

You will receive 10 hours of recording on 8 CD's that are guaranteed for 2 years for breakage, loss or stolen. Replacement is free of charge. You pay postage only. You can make one contribution of $495, and save $500!

This is an internet special, available online only. Offer may expire at any time. 

More customized programs are available, for people who have had severe traumatic experiences. We work similarly to hospitals and M.D's. Doctors refer their patients to us and are taking this course themselves. As your Physician for a referral today.

Thousands of people received positive results, so can you. We have documented their results on YouTube. It's important that you see a doctor that believes in God when losing weight, coming off medication or going through any self-improvement program.

Your contributions are tax-deductible to the full extent of the law, which helps our nonprofit to help young people and Veterans with post-traumatic stress. We work similarly to hospitals and doctors, we make no promises or guarantees of results.

You have our permission to put them on any device you would like for the best results you can buy a portable CD player comes with stereo headphones that Amazon sells.

The Bible states you have ears to listen put into practice the good things you hear you will have a life in abundance.

Order now for a better life.

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